PotPlayer のキーボード操作




F3Open File(s)...
Ctrl+O     Open File(s)...
Ctrl+U     Open URL...
F2     Open Directory...
F12     Open File Navigator...
Ctrl+F12     Menu Navigator...
          Open File(s)
          Open URL
          Open Directory
Ctrl+S     Capture
Ctrl+J     Webcam/Other Devices
Ctrl+W     Analog TV
Ctrl+K     Digital TV (BDA Device)
Alt+D     Device settings...
Ctrl+D     Open DVD
      Open DVD files (*.IFO)
Alt+O     Open subtitles...
      Subtitle Navigator...
Ctrl+Alt+Y    Re-open subtitles
Ctrl+Y     Re-open Current File...
      Open Audio...
      CD Drive
F8     Broadcast list...
F9     Chat...
F10     Create...
F11     Start Broadcasting
      View my broadcast quality...
      Chat Administration...
Ctrl+Alt+F1    Screen Capture I
Ctrl+Alt+F2    Screen Capture II
Ctrl+Alt+F3    Screen Capture I Start
Ctrl+Alt+F4    Screen Capture II Start
Ctrl+Alt+F5    Screen Capture Settings...
Ctrl+Alt+F6    Save Broadcasting
Ctrl+A     Save Broadcasting Viewing...
      Add File
      Add Current Directory
      Edit Favorites...
F4Close File
      Enable Visualization
      WMP visualization
      Floating ball
      WMP visualization+floating ball
      Previous Visualization
      Next Visualization
      Download Visualizations...
      Visualization Settings...
Home     First Channel
PgDn     Previous Channel
PgUp     Next Channel
End     Last Channel
Insert     Return to Channel
Ctrl+PgDn     Force Previous Channel
Ctrl+PgUp     Force Next Channel
Delete     Go to Channel...
      Select channel with number
N     Channel Control>
Alt+G         Channel Management...
Ctrl+A     Save HDTV stream...
Ctrl+Shift+A    Just save the stream...
 DVD Control>
PgUp     Previous Chapter
PgDn     Next Chapter
      Audio Output
      Subtitle Option
      Angle Option
          1X Backward
          2X Backward
          4X Backward
          8X Backward
          1X Forward
          2X Forward
          4X Forward
          8X Forward
      Return to Previous Menu
      Root Menu
Ctrl+BackSpace    Title Menu
      Chapter Menu
      Audio Menu
      Sutitle Menu
      Angle Menu
Space     Play/Pause
PgUp     Previous
PgDn     Next
H     Bookmark>
P         Add to Bookmark
          View Thumbnail
          Auto delet when selected
          Bookmark Editor...
      Jump (to)>
D         Previous
F         Next
Left         5 Sec Backward
Right         5 Sec Forward
Ctrl+Left         30 Sec Backward
Ctrl+Right         30 Sec Forward
Shift+Left         1 Min Backward
Shift+Right         1 Min Forward
Ctrl+Alt+Left         5 Min Backward
Ctrl+Alt+Right        5 Min Forward
BackSpace         Starting Point
Home         Previous Subtitle
End         Next Subtitle
G         Time/Frame...
Shift+S         Preview Scenes...
          Move by KeyFrame
Z         Normal
X         Down -
C         Up +
          Speed Control : High quality
          Low quality
      Frame Skip>
Shift+'         Use Frame Skip
          Frame Skip Settings...
      A-B Repeat>
[         Start AB Repeat
Shift+[         Undo Start AB Repeat
Ctrl+[         Backward 0.1 Sec Start AB Repeat
Alt+[         Forward 0.1 Sec Start AB Repeat
]         End AB Repeat
Shift+]         Undo End AB Repeat
Ctrl+]         Backward 0.1 Sec End AB Repeat
Alt+]         Forward 0.1 Sec End AB Repeat
Ctrl+Alt+[         Backward 0.1 Sec AB Repeat
Ctrl+Alt+]         Forward 0.1 Sec AB Repeat
\         Undo AB Repeat
          Add File(s)...
          Add Directory...
          Add URL...
          Edit title...
          Open item folder...
          Remove selected item(s)
          Remove unselected item(s)
          Remove all items
Shift+Del         Sent to Recycle Bin
Shift+Ctrl+Del        Sent to Recycle Bin (with subtitles)
          Sort by filename -ascending
          Sort by filename -descending
          Sort folder
          Select all
          Select none
          Add to Playback queue
          Open a Playlist...
          Save Playlist...
          Save Playlist Automatically
          Repeat all
          Repeat One
      Play from the latest point
L     Select Subtitles>
Alt+L         Select Subtitle
Alt+H     Show Subtitles
Alt+E     Subtitle Explorer...
Alt+P     Manual Subtitle Input...
Alt+I     Display on Video (TV-OUT)
Alt+V     Display on Overlay/VMR Surface
Alt+Home         Default
Alt+Up         Up
Alt+Down         Down
Alt+Left         Left
Alt+Right         Right
      Bottom Margin>
Alt+Num6         Increase Horizontal Spacing +
Alt+Num4         Decrease Horizontal Spacing -
Alt+Num8         Increase Vertical Spacing +
Alt+Num2         Decrease Vertical Spacing -
      Font and Size>
Alt+B         Bold
Alt+PgUp         Font Size +
Alt+PgDn         Font Size -
Alt+F         Font Settings...
      Sync & Save>
> or .         %s faster
< or ,         %s slower
/         Default
Alt+S         Back to writh SMI subtitles
Ctrl+Alt+S         Save Subtitles (to)...
Ctrl+Shift+S         Save by video name
V     Video Renderer>
          Select Automatically (Recommended)
          Video Renderer
          Overlay Mixer
          VMR7 Windowed
          VMR7 Renderless
          VMR9 Windowed
          VMR9 Renderless
          EVR(Vista / .Net3)
          EVR Custom Present
          Haali Video Renderer
          Madshi Video Renderer
          Direct3D9 Video Renderer
          OpenGL Video Renderer
          Video Renderer Settings...
S     Pixel Shader>
          Open Folder
          Switch Color
          Deinterlace (blend)
          DisplayLessThan16 v1_1
          EdgeSharpen v1_1(jim ro)
          EdgeSharpen v1_1
          SharpenComplex (jim ro)
          SharpenFlou (jim ro)
          Unsharp mask
          YV12 Chroma Upsampling
      Video Processing Filters>
Ctrl+X         Switch-Video Processing
          Always Use (Recommended)
          Disable with FourCC Condition
          Do not use
          Do Nothing
          If smaller than selected resolution
          If larger than selected resolution
          Resize Always
          Resolution Settings...
J     Pan & Scan>
          Do Nothing
          4:3 Extending
          16:9 Extending
          16:10 Extending
          1.85:1 Extending
          2.35:1 Extending
          4:3 Cropping
          16:9 Cropping
          16:10 Cropping
          1.85:1 Cropping
          2.35:1 Cropping
          Conditional Pan & Scan
          Reset to Original Size
          Move Left
          Move Right
          Move Top
          Move Bottom
Ctrl+Q         Screen Offset...
Ctrl+I         Switch-interlacing mode
          Auto selection
          Always use
          Do not use
          De-interlacing settings...
      Bottom Margin>
Ctrl+Alt+B         Switch-Margins
          Do not insert without subtitles
      Video Processing>
Ctrl+V         Flip Input Picture
Ctrl+Z         Mirror Image
          270 degrees
Ctrl+B         Soft fuzzy
Ctrl+R         Sharpen
          Auto Level Control
Ctrl+L         Level Control
Ctrl+H         Remove color blocks (better quality)
Ctrl+N         Denoise 3D
          Gradual Denoise
Ctrl+M         Temporary Denoise
          Motion Blur
          Video Processing Settings...
K     Capture>
Ctrl+A         Save HDTV stream...
Alt+N         Create Snapshot...
Alt+C         Video : Capture...
          Video : Quick Capture...
Ctrl+G         Consecutive Capture...
          Quick Consecutive Capture...
Ctrl+C         Frame : Capture Current Source...
Ctrl+E         Frame : Capture Truncation Current Source
          Frame : Capture Current source (as)...
Ctrl+Alt+C         Frame : Capture Real Screen
Ctrl+Alt+E         Frame : Capture Truncation Real Screen
          Frame : Capture Real Screen (as)...
          Capture as BMP
          Capture as JPEG
          Capture as PNG
          Save file name as current time
          Save file name as playing time
          Capture subtitle too (if present)
          Select Capture Folder...
          Open Capture Folder
Q     Reset Video Control
W     Decreese brightness -1%
E     Increase brightness +1%
R     Decreese contrast -1%
T     Increase contrast +1%
Y     Decreese saturation -1%
U     Increase saturation +1%
I     Decreese color -1%
O     Increase color +1%
A     Select Stream>
Alt+A         Switch-Stream
      Audio Renderer>
          Select Automatically (Recommended)
          Realtek HD Audio output
          CyberLink Audio Renderer (PDVD8)
          Default DirectSound Device
          Default WaveOut Device
          DirectSound: Realtek HD Audio Output
          Built-in Audio Renderer (cross fade)
          Audio Settings...
      S/PDIF Audio Renderer>
          Default Audio Renderer (Recommended)
          Realtek HD Audio output
          Cyberlink Audio Renderer (PDVD8)
          Default DirectSound Device
          Default WaveOut Device
          DirectSound: Realtec HD Audio output
          Built-in Audio Renderer (cross fade)
      Output Speakers>
          1/0/0 - 1.0 Mono
          2/0/0 - 2.0 Stereo (Recommended)
          3/0/0 - 3.0 channel
          2/0/1 - 3.0 Surround
          3/0/1 - 4.0 Surround
          2/0/2 - 4.0 channel
          3/0/2 - 5.0 channel
          3/2/1 - 6.0 channel
          3/2/2 - 7.0 channel
          Dolby Surround/Pro Logic
          Dolby Pro Logic II
          1/0/0+LFE - 1.1 Mono
          2/0/0+LFE - 2.1 Stereo
          3/0/0+LFE - 3.1 channel
          2/0/1+LFE - 3.1 Surround
          3/0/1+LFE - 4.1 Surround
          2/0/2+LFE - 4.1 channel
          3/0/2+LFE - 5.1 channel
          3/2/1+LFE - 6.1 channel
          3/2/2+LFE - 7.1 channel
          Dolby Surround/Pro Logic+LFE
          Dolby Pro Logic II+LFE
          Same as input
          16-bit (Recommended)
          32-bit (real)
      Sampling Rate>
          Same as input (Recommended)
          High quality
          Normal Quality (Recommended)
          Low quality
      Volume Control>
          Default volume control (Recommended)
          System wave volume control
          Master volume contol systems
          Multi-channel volume control
Shift+Up         Increase master volume
Shift+Down         Decrease master volume
          AC3/DTS sound amplification
          Increase amplification
          Decrese amplification
          Volume control settings...
      System Volume>
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Up         Master volume +
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Down        Master volume -
Ctrl+Alt+Shift+M         Mute (Master)
Ctrl+Alt+Up         Wave Volume +
Ctrl+Alt+Down         Wave Volume -
Ctrl+Alt+M         Mute (Wave)
Up     Volume Up +
Down     Volume down
M     Mute
Shift+E     Equalizer
          Full Bass
          Full Bass & Treble
          Full Treble
          Large Hall
          Soft Rock
      Audio Sync>
Shift+<         0.1 seconds faster
Shift+>         0.1 second slower
Shift+/         Default audio sync
      Speech Processing>
Shift+N         Normalize
Shift+C         Crystalization
Shift+D         Noise
Shift+R         Reverb
Shift+V         Voice Filter
Shift+A         Audio Filters
      Audio Capture>
Shift+G         Audio Capture...
          Select Capture Folder...
          Open Capture Folder
Ctrl+F     Advanced Filter Settings...
      FLV Source
      Video Codec/Transform
      Overlay Mixer
      Video Renderer
      Audio Codec/Transform
      DirectSound Audio Renderer
      [Built-in skin]
          [Skin slated logo]
          <Default logo>
          Manage Logo...
      Color Themes>
          Do not use
          Random color
          Custom Color Theme
          Back Light - Gray
          Control Panel
      Image overlay on screen>
          Direct3D 9
      Hide skin when playing
      Move image on full screen
      Start with video skin
      Skin Settings...
      On Top>
Ctrl+T         Switch-On Top
          Always on Top
          On top while playing
      When Finished>
Ctrl+Alt+A         Switch-Finished Action
          Exit PotPlayer once finished playing the current file
          Exit PotPlayer once finished playing files in playlist
          Shutdown once finished playing the current file
          Shutdown once finished playing files in flaylist
          Remember finished action
      How to Open File(s)>
          Open selected file(s) only
          Open similar files together
          Open all files together
      Shutdown at %s
      Shutdown at the specified time...
      Hide mouse cursor during playback
      Prevent Screen Saver
      Ignore default shortcut keys
      Close media files when stopped
Tab     OSD : Show Info
Scroll Lock     OSD : Show Time
Shift+Tab     OSD : Show Short Info
      Go to HomePage...
      Check Updates
 Aspect Ratio>
Ctrl+F5     Fit to Video (Recommended)
Ctrl+F5     Fit to Window
Ctrl+F5     Free
      Keep Video Frame To : 0.5
      Keep Video Frame To : 1.0
      Keep Video Frame To : 1.5
      Keep Video Frame To : 2.0
Ctrl+F6     Switch-Aspect Ratio
      Do Nothing
      Default Aspect Ratio
      User defined (%s)
      Manage User Defined...
          TV-OUT : 4:3
          TV-OUT : 16:9
          Smart TV
      Keep Aspect Ratio
      Force to provide subtitles margins
 Pan & Scan>
          Increasing width 1...3
          Increasing Height 1...3
Num5     Default
Num9     Frame Size +
Num1     Frame Size -
Num6     Frame Width +
Num4     Frame Width -
Num8     Frame Height +
Num2     Frame Height -
Ctrl+Num6     Offset Right
Ctrl+Num4     Offset Left
Ctrl+Num8     Offset Up
Ctrl+Num2     Offset Down
Ctrl+Num5     Center
Ctrl+Alt+Num+     Window +
Ctrl+Alt+Num-     Window -
      Move Window>
Ctrl+Alt+Num+4         Left
Ctrl+Alt+Num+6         Right
Ctrl+Alt+Num+8         Top
Ctrl+Alt+Num+2         Bottom
Ctrl+Alt+Num+5         Center
Ctrl+Alt+Num+7         TopLeft
Ctrl+Alt+Num+9         TopRight
Ctrl+Alt+Num+1         BottomLeft
Ctrl+Alt+Num+3         BottomRight
      Window Margin...
 Window Size>
1     0.5 X
2     1.0 X
3     1.5 X
4     2.0 X
5     Maximize
6     Maximize/Restore
7     Maximaize+/Restore
Alt+Enter     Full Screen
Ctrl+Enter     Full Screen Stretched
Ctrl+Alt+Enter     Full Size
Shift+Enter     Desktop Display
EnterFull Screen
Ctrl+EnterFull Screen Stretched
F7Control Panel...
Ctrl+F1Playing File Info...


PotPlayer[Mini].Exe "filename" [options]

/filedlg	:File Open dialog box
/urldlg		:Open Location dialog box
/folderdlg  	:Open folder dialog box
/simple		:Easy Open dialog box
/cap		:screen capture
/cam		:Camera Other Devices
/atv		:Analog TV
/dtv		:Digital TV
/dvd		:DVD main unit
/cd[:drive]	:CD Open
/add		:Add to your list
/autoplay   	:Play automatically

config = environment name: Select a given environment


タイトルファイル名 - PotPlayer



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